Made here, sustainably.

Let´s start by saying all of our silver is 100% recycled.

The hand carved pieces are:

  • Carved and designed by us at our home in Byron Bay.
  • Cast here in Australia (how good is that?) - In 100% recycled silver.
  • Finished by us at our home in Byron Bay.

The chains are:

  • Made in New Zealand.
  • In a family run factory.
  • Made of 100% recycled silver

We do not stand by the unethical procedures used to source precious metals commonly. By using recycled precious metals we avoid the exploitation of humans and the environment.

Rest assured no harm is being made when you purchase our pieces. 

We pride ourselves on supporting Aussie & NZ manufacturing for our casted pieces, chains, sleepers.

This is an excellent way to reduce the carbon footprint that imported goods carry.