A chat with Garrett Casto

We are so excited about our new collection with Garrett, if you haven't seen it yet, you won't want to miss it.


Who is GmCasto?

(Garrett) My name is Garrett Matthew Casto (gmcasto) and I make content online trying to encourage people to get outside and get out of their comfort zones. I am always looking for the next fun thing to do, and I have been involved in action sports (mainly snowboarding and skateboarding) for the majority of my life.

(Lox and Chain) It feels unfair to try an box him into a couple of sentences. But for all of you who don’t know him, he can be found on TikTok @gmcasto doing skits, some sort of action sport or he’ll just bring you along his day. The most popular comment on his videos is probably “what cant this man do/what is he not good at” From snowboarding, backflipping bikes and scooters to skating and benching 225 once a month.

The level of energy he has is contagious and his videos are so entertaining you’ll find it hard to stop scrolling.

How did you get started?

(Garrett) I started making skateboarding videos when I was around 10/11. One common trait that all skateboarders share is that when you learn how to do something new, you want to capture it on film and share it with your friends. As I got older, I took this habit of making skate videos to all of my other hobbies (snowboarding, trampoline, cliff jumping, rollerskating, etc.). I have been filming everything that I do for ‘Instagram Edits’ for years now. It was always something that I did for fun.

Earning a living with social media was always a dream of mine, but something that I deemed impossible by the time I started college. I worked at an office job making videos professionally for nearly two years after high school when I found myself itching for something more ‘up my alley.’

In February of 2022, my cousin (dpdavis20) and I decided to quit our jobs and go all in on TikTok. We figured it would be better to try and fail than to look back and realize that we never gave it a solid shot. I have been very blessed to receive so much positive feedback ever since then. I am so grateful for the people that support me, and I am happy to say that I am living my dream. As long as people are happy to see my content, I will continue to make it!

Advice to someone who wants to be a content creator?

(Garrett) Becoming a content creator requires two things: persistence, and desire. For some people, there is success from the very start. For others, it takes longer. I didn’t earn a dime for the first 7 months that I took social media seriously. I posted 3 videos every single day, rain or shine, for nearly 5 months and that helped me learn what kind of content I was good at making, what kinds of things people wanted to see from me, and how invested I was in doing social media as a living. On top of that, I found that being creative and coming up with content every single day is a lot tougher than it sounds, but I love it.

Social media isn’t for everybody, but if you have a desire to do social media for a living I would encourage you to post 3 videos a day on TikTok for 30 days straight. By the end, you’ll know if it is something you want to do. After that, keep pushing forward. Views will go up and down, some days you will feel like you can’t succeed, but, if you keep working at it, you will build a group of supporters that are just right for you; which I believe to be the most important part. I wouldn’t be anywhere without the people that support me.

How did Lox and chain and Gmcasto meet?

(Gmcasto) Lox and Chain was one of the first companies that was willing to work with me. In fact, I think they may have been the first company that sent me a PR package. They have been a part of my journey from when I lived in Arkansas, moved back to Utah to finish college, and moved out to California to focus solely on creating fun content. I remember seeing their Instagram ads and thinking that the silver jewelry that they made was so cool. I have worn their stamped rings every single day for over a year now. It is so exciting to see the brand relationship evolve over time and I am so excited to continue to work with them in the future.

I knew Lox and Chain was going to be a long-term partnership when they asked to send me earrings and have me pierce my ears for a video. That is exactly the kind of stuff that I like to do: things that take me out of my comfort zone.

(Lox and Chain) Before his almost 2 million followers, at the start of 2022, he hit us up for a collab and we sent him some free jewellery. It was our first time sending free stuff to anyone and we would later find out it was Garretts first time getting free stuff. We suggested he should pierce his earring with a Knife Fight and upload that as an exchange for the jewellery.

A few months went by without hearing from him and out of the blue he tagged us in this video of himself raw dogging his earlobe with our knife fight. We were blown away but if you know him, you can always expect the unexpected form him.

We were the first brand that sent him free stuff and he was the first influencer we sent free stuff to. The bar was set too high for future collaborations.

Lox and Chain x GmCasto

(Garrett) The first talks of the ‘Lox and Chain x Gmcasto’ collection started at the beginning of 2023. Zak and Frei came up with some amazing ideas and I helped pick out the ones that I loved and give them a personal touch. I am so stoked to release this collection with them. The quality of Lox and Chain Jewelry is amazing, and I love the different rings and pendants that we have in the collection. It’s hard, but if I had to pick a favorite, I would say the scorpion ring is what I am most excited about.

First wax samples

(Lox and Chain)At Lox and Chain we are all about moving fast, constantly creating out of our comfort zone even if it’s messy or imperfect. We aim to provide jewellery that will inspire our community to feel more confident and unique.

This is why Garrett is such a good match to represent Lox and Chain. He transmits energy to his viewer giving everything a try and pushing himself to do new things while make it entertaining in the process.

For the following months garrets following grew exponentially but we never took  the “Good Boy” and “Cowboy” off his fingers, we were stoked to see that. So we asked him if he wanted to do a collection with us. He said something along the lines of “fuck yes” and we got cracking onto the designs that day. We asked him why he keeps repping our pieces even after getting so much PR from other brands and he mentioned he likes our pieces with our flat engraving which makes us unique.

After back and forth mood boards and zoom meetings, one which got interrupted by a close call with the law in which Garretts dad said the cops were at his house looking for him.

We finally got down to the winners and started production.

The result: A 17 piece collaboration which we are so proud and exited to drop.

What's next for Gmcasto?

As a creator, I tend to take any adventurous opportunities that come my way. I almost never know when I’m going to be out of town, across the country, snowboarding, skating, cliff jumping, or even just chilling at home. For now, I am working on getting my personal clothing brand, Concrete, off the ground at the same time as this collection! After that, I don’t know what is in store, but I do know it's going to be fun!