#1: No More Parties In LA

We did what we thought was imposible, throw a party in LA organising it all the way from Australia; to showcase our upcoming collaboration with @gmcasto

The idea was clear from the start: it had to be fun.

Garrett and us are both activity people, so sitting around drinking vodka booch was not gonna cut it. We needed multiple activities going on at the same time. After shutting down the most insane ones (Trippie Redd was playing hard to get) we settled down on the following:

  1. A skate ramp
  2. DJs
  3. Live art
  4. Free tattoos
  5. Interactive gallery of the collection
  6. A 15 minute projected video that would loop the whole night


15 days away from the event and we still couldn't get a decent price to rent a ramp. We had envisioned a half-pipe and were almost about to give up the dream when local Venice DIY wizard, Danny, pulled through and offered to build us one from scratch.

On the day of the event, Danny pulled up looking like the spitting image of 'The Dude' (re: The Big Lebowski), long hair blowing in the wind, with the prized ramp trailing in behind him. As we attempted to bring it inside, we were greeted with a frustratingly thin margin of width that couldnt fit in the door, which we learned Danny had added as a gesture of kindness.

He whipped out a hacksaw and started re-framing the quaterpipes right there on the sidewalk. The result was two handmade 3ft quarterpipes, slightly sketchy but skate-able none the less. It needed a bit of tape here and there but we left it to the skaters to fine tune it to taste. From the second we opened the doors we had people skating it and it wasn't empty for a single second thoughout the night.

Ramp = success 📈

2. THE DJs

It was Wednesday afternoon, the party was on Friday and we were DJ-less. I called Garrett desperate to see if he had any suggestions as we had nothing. His answer wasn't what we were hoping for, "the only people I can think of are either in Hawaii or Utah".

5 minutes later we get another call from Garrett, "Yo what about my friends Stew and Phi" (@stewcaldo and @phiphibb). Not only were they perfect, but we had been following both of them since our inception and had always wanted to link up.

Safe to say they stole the show with an all-time set. Thank you Stew and Phi.


Tyler aka @thriftywithastar is one of Garretts mates and he rocked up to our first shoot randomly and quickly became our shoot MPV. He was casually in town from Utah and of course had his airbrush set-up with him. He offered to set up at the event and make custom t-shirts.

We couldn't have planned this better, it just happened. Sometimes you just have to trust that the live art will happen 5 days away from the event with no connections. Tyler made a live mural and custom shirts were flying out for everyone.

By the end of the night, the whole venue was dripping in fresh paint. Shout-out to the kid who stood half-naked while waiting for his fit to get blasted with paint.


@joeyhilll slung out a record 25+ tattoos in 4 hours. He made a custom flash sheet of our best designs mixed with a few exclusives of his own. The line went all the way out the door. Garrett and JLad (@_justinladner_) became the first members of the Lox & Chain tat club. It was only right we followed.


We printed posters of all the products, each with it's own QR code for people to access the drop for pre-order before it goes public.

We exhibited the whole collection on podiums made up of concrete cinder blocks. We tied each piece to the blocks with fishing wire so everyone was able to interact with the pieces and try them on without needing to put them behind a display.

We only lost 2 pieces thanks to everyones honesty and respect. And to the ones who did pull a cheeky, props to you for getting away with it.


Thank you everyone for coming -------------- we couldn't have imagined a better turnout :)