Care guide

Care guide


Our rings are made of 100% solid 925 recycled silver. With a little bit of TLC your rings should last you a lifetime.


Tarnished Pieces                                                         

925 silver is a compound material which is 92.5% silver + 7.5% copper. This is the most suitable form of silver for jewellery making, as 100% silver is too soft.

As a compound material, it can iteract with stuff in the environment and form a thin layer of tarnish. We even had this happen with an order whilst in transit.

Tarnish is offten produced when silver interacts with highly sulfuric sweat (from eating eggs, curry, garlic), lotions, perfumes, cleaning products, etc.

Don't panic it's just a minute superficial layer - see below how to clean it.

How to clean your piece


Every few weeks or if you notice some dullness/tarnish please give it a good old rub with our polishing cloth. We always include a complimentary cloth that has been soaked in polishing compound. Please don't use it on gold.


If it's looking like it wont come off (maybe you let it sit for too long), don't worry and follow along.

You'll need: Boiling Water, Bowl, Baking Soda, Tin Foil, Soft Cloth

Instructions: Layer a bowl with aluminum foil, then add boiling water along with some baking soda.

Once the baking soda has been added, place your jewellry into the bowl mixture and let it sit for 3-5 minutes.

Remove your jewellry and rinse under cool water, then dry each piece with a soft cloth and give it a rub with your polioshing cloth.

Now your pieces are brand new <3

The Green Finger

We only use 100% 925 silver so it's not the same greenness as your childhood cheap jewellery. 1 in 10000000 customers could experience a greenish hue, this can be due to a reaction between the jewellery and your skin, and/or remnants of the polishing compound we use to finish the rings.

Don't panic, just use the jewellery for a few more days until your body is used to it and wash your hands throughly.

Can I swim/shower with my piece? 

100% yes. Salty water, pool water, any water is chemically fine.

Exept for those egg smelling springs that are high in sulphur - it will react with silver and turn your piece black - see below how to get rid of it. If it smells like egg, its a no.

Our fingers can shrink in cold water and therefore your ring could slip off easier than normal. Or a wave could snatch your earrings, necklace or bracelet off your body.


Our gold pieces are plated with a thick 3.5 micron layer of 18k and 24k gold over our solid 925 silver base.

The thickness of our gold vermeil is almost double the industry standard. This means that with appropriate care it should last you a lot longer than normal vermeil.


Care For Your Gold


Thick gold doesn't mean it will never fade. Time will add character to the piece. Look after your gold by:


  • Avoiding rubbing your piece against other hard surfaces. Friction is the enemy.
  • Rinse in cold water, pat dry with a soft microfiber cloth.
  • Remove your jewellery prior to swimming, bathing and showering.
  • Apply lotions and perfume well before putting on the jewellery.

  • Avoid chemicals, hand sanitiser and cosmetics.

  • When not worn, store your jewellery in a dry airtight container.



Bend once to the size of your wrist and then remove/put on by sliding it sideways. Bending hardens the silver molecules and will make the piece more brittle, which if you're unfortunate, can cause it to crack.


Banging and deforming the ring can make the stone fall out. Glue is also used to secure the stone prior to setting so avoid hot environments: hot baths, saunas, etc. whilst wearing your stone piece and you'll be fine.


By now you should be able to make your pieces last forever. If you have any questions then let's talk jewellery on:

Thank you for getting one of our pieces, it means so much.

Zak and Frei